Marketing Funnel Should Be Part Of Your Recipe for Success


Your toughest job is to get clients. It’s also your most expensive job So it stands for reason that you want to get the maximum of every single client you do get.

The best way to do that, and one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business clickfunnels pricing plans

What’s a marketing funnel?

Well, you’re probably familiar with what a funnel looks like. It’s got a big opening at the top and a small opening at the bottom. It looks like an inverted triangle

The idea of ​​a marketing fannel is this …

You want to get as many prospects and potential clients in the top of the funnel – the part of the funnel with the widest opening. Ahhh … the better prospects and clients!

So how do you get customers in your funnel?

One way is a free or low-cost, low-risk offer. Offering a free newsletter or ezine, a special report or even a complimentary consultation are all great ways to get into your funnel

This lets potential clients “test drive” you before buying

Giving prospects a way to “try you on for size” and see how you like them. They can “test drive” you and your business, without first investing a lot of time or money.

And it gives you the opportunity to build a relationship

This is especially important if you’re selling high-priced professional services. Odds are most people will not buy from you the very first time. They need to get you first, to see if you are a good fit for their needs

So what goes inside the funnel?

Inside your funnel, you’ll have a series of products and services, ideally in your way down the funnel.

My 10stepmarketing funnel starts with my Step-By-Step Guidebook and Resource Center, and has followed several CD products, my telecourses and my Extreme Marketing Makeover Program. The value and price of these products and services

The idea is that most people will try to get out of the price, lower involvement product or service. Then, if they are pleased with that product or service, they are very likely to come back to you.

And, they’ll be more likely to spend more now or they are your products or services.

Fill your funnel with products and services

This gives you the opportunity to earn more than every client and helps you minimize the expensive and time-consuming task.

Plus, with the right “top of funnel” product, you’ll ATTRACT more clients

So what’s the bottom of the funnel?

This is where your very best clients end up They are the people who love you and your products and services.

So, usually the product or service at the bottom of your funnel is your most expensive, most valuable one.

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