What is the World Series of Poker?

A great game of cards is a beauty to behold. The thrill of the game and the opportunity to see players pit themselves against the deck and each other is a thrilling bit of history in the making. But there is one series of card games that stands out from the others.

It is the World Series of Poker held each year. Here, a winning hand pays more than a mere hundred dollars. It is worth millions of dollars and it all rides on how well the player can pit himself or herself against the others sitting at the table Cmd368.

Tom Moore started the World Series of Poker in 1968 in Reno, Nevada. He wanted to show other casinos and players that poker was a worthwhile venture.

Up until this time, many casinos did not feature poker because they believed that it was too hard to control cheating. Perhaps it was but Benny Binion and his sons changed all that and helped catapult WSOP into the stratosphere of the elite gamers, with such games as Texas Hold Em and Five Card Stud.

Perhaps it is the money that is the key focus of the WSOP. There is little doubt that the no limit, Texas Hold Em game held at the end of the event is the main draw. Each time it is held, audience members and television viewers around the world turn their heads to watch as some of the greatest poker players pit themselves against each other in a game of skill and luck.

However, it is not just anyone who can sit at that green poker table and take a run with Dame Fortune. Only the best in the world make it and it is why people stare fascinated as each hand of cards is dealt by the dealer.

If you want to take a run at the World Series of Poker, then you are going to need to learn the games. There are plenty of self-help books written by the greatest poker players of our time and you can find them at your local book store.

There are also resources on the internet that can help with learning how to play poker. One great website is “Party Poker”. You may also benefit from playing online poker at such websites as “Full Tilt Poker”. You can learn from the best and learn how you can get a chance to play at the WSOP.

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