Peacock Cichlids – Introduction To The Amazing Peacock Cichlid!


The Red Peacock Cichlids like water that’s significantly alkaline (that a pH of around 7.8-8.0). The temperature in the tank ought to be kept amongst seventy four and 82F. Consistency is crucial for its Red Peacock Cichlid; they do not simply take kindly to frequent fluctuations in temperatures and pH levels.

While the female Red Peacock Cichlid prefers to live in groups, the male would be a little loner. For reproduction reasons there must be a ratio of 1 man per two ladies. The male would”peacock” himself to draw attention of this feminine as soon as she consents he will shoot her straight back into his cave. There they could tease, the female dropping the eggs and the male scattering them. After fertilization, the female can hold the eggs within her mouth for 2 weeks until they are ready to hatch. Females may vibrate anywhere from 1-2 to fifty younger, depending on her size.

These cichlids are mouth brooders and while the feminine is taking out the eggs within her mouth, she won’t eat and can grow feeble as a result. During this time, it’s important that she have plenty of hiding spaces to flee just a male chasing her. It’s also a good concept to provide her recovery tank right after the youthful hatch and she’s going to soon recover her own strength. She may stem as frequently as every eight months 24 Egg Incubator  .

Red Peacock Cichlids will interbreed with different species, so so keep them separated unless you want cross strains. In terms of tank mates, the species of moderate size with equivalent

should be chosen. Do not put a Red Peacock Cichlid in an identical tank together with competitive breeds.

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